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What is the Interrail mobile Pass?


How to use the Interrail mobile Pass?


With a Flexible DiscoverEU Travel Pass, you will receive the Interrail Global Pass via e-mail, and you will be able to use it via the Rail Planner App on your smartphone. This means that all the conditions of an Interrail Global Pass will apply. You will be able to travel on any 7 days of your choice over a period of one month.

With the Interrail Global Pass you can travel by train within and across 33 different European countries. You can travel and at your own pace on trains operated by the national railway companies.

You can use your Interrail ticket as a normal ticket, so you simply board on the train and just show the Pass and the day-ticket available in the Rail Planner App when asked from a ticket-inspector. Many High-Speed trains (like the TGV or AVE trains) and Overnight Sleeper trains can be used, but you will have to pay additional ‘pass holder supplements’ (reservation fees) for seat / sleeper berth reservations on them. Find out more about how to find out whether you need to make a reservation in the related articles.

When should I activate my Interrail mobile Pass?

With the Interrail Pass, the dates on which you travel remain flexible.

However, do note that you will need to activate your Travel Pass before the 31st August 2022 if you have won your pass in 2020 and before the 29th of January 2023 if you have on your pass in 2022

From this start date on, your Travel Pass will be valid for one month. You can activate the Pass and select your first travel day, but if you change your mind, you can cancel the travel day and the activation as long as it is before the date of the selected first travel day. Once you have used the first travel day, you cannot de-activate the Pass any more. For example, I want to start my trip on 1st June, so I activate the Pass in the app and add 1st June as first travel day; if I change my mind on 30 May I can still remove the first travel day and de-activate the Pass and choose another day to begin travelling in the future.

Can I travel in my own country?

The DiscoverEU Contest, like the Interrail Pass, is designed to offer you the best of rail travel abroad, therefore you cannot use the Interrail Pass to travel within your own country. An Interrail Global Pass is valid for travel in your country of residence on your first and last travel day, these are called outbound and inbound trips and need to be specified on your Interrail Pass. This means you can start and end your Interrail adventure at a railway station that’s local to you.

What are the internet requirements?

The Interrail's system will need to verify your mobile Pass at least once every 3 days, to ensure its validity and prevent fraud. Therefore, you'll need to open your App (it does not update itself in the background) when you're connected to the internet at least once every 3 days. 24 hours before your 3 days without internet, Interrail will send you a reminder.


In case you will not open your App with an internet connection for more than 3 days, your mPass will be considered inactive, and you'll be able to use your pass only when you'll be connected to the internet with the open App. 


Some trains in Europe (especially high-speed trains) offer a Wi-Fi internet connection to the passengers, it may be useful to check if this option is available while travelling. 

Don't forget to keep the notifications activated in the Rail Planner App to be reminded when you need to connect to the App (one internet connection each 72 hours).


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