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How do I save on accommodation?

Accommodation is one of the biggest costs travellers have. Reducing that cost can lead to huge savings. Below are some of the more affordable accommodation options out there. 

Stay at a friend's or family member's place

This is also an opportunity for you to discover the country through the eyes of a local. Your friend or family member already lives there, and knows the dos and don'ts. What are the best and cheapest restaurants? What is worth visiting? And what should be avoided? Ask them!

Tip! The hospitality of your host should be appreciated, so be grateful and respectful! To thank them, you could give them something typical from your own country.

Stay in hostels

The rooms in there are dormitory-style with all the facilities shared (bathroom, kitchen and living room). However, it is often also possible to book a smaller dormitory room, singles and doubles, depending on your preferences. Many hostels also have facilities like free Wi-Fi, a bar, lockers, towels and more.

Tip! Staying at a hostel is a great opportunity to connect with other travellers from all over the European Union and beyond. Feel free to start a conversation with someone you don’t know. You’ll probably learn something from each other; and maybe this is even the beginning of a new (international) friendship.

Hostelworld is for example a useful site that can help you find the hostel that suits you the most.

Book an Airbnb

Another option is to rent short-time lodging. On the Airbnb site you will find a huge community of people who rent out their flats, rooms, homestays, cottages etc.
Explore their website and find great accommodation for a good price.


Share your adventure with locals who will be pleased to welcome you and offer you a couch to stay over, for free. You can ask your hosts tips and suggestions about where to go, what to do, etc.

Couchsurfing is one of the best way to meet with locals and exchange about culture!

Go camping

You are a nature lover, and you literally want to get off the beaten path!

A camping will probably be a bit harder to reach than a hostel, but it’s definitely worth it!

By checking relevant sites like and eurocampings we already give you a push in the right direction.

Book a hotel

Hotels are normally more expensive. But know the exceptions!

Fancy “business hotels” are desperate for customers in summer, when their business customers stay away. Some offer some amazing deals through the local tourist information offices. The later you arrive, the better the discount!

And if you have the opportunity to travel in September, you will notice that the prices of many tourist hotels are more affordable.

You can find very good discounts on

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