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How can I save money while travelling?

Choosing travel destinations is easy work, but when it comes to budgeting, this can be really overwhelming for most of us. So here are some key ways of how to save money while travelling and make the most out of your journey!

1. Look for free tours!

If you want to learn about the city and explore its sights, get a walking tour! You can easily find such tours in most of the major cities in Europe. You can ask the local people, go to a local tourist office or just do a search “free walking tour in…” in Google and you will definitely find one!

2. Book attraction tickets in advance

It is very important to research and book attraction tickets in advance, for the simple reason that online booking often offers various discounts whether for specific dates, for groups, for students or different offers such as 2 for 1 etc. Always have some spare time in advance to do this research! Some attractions even have free entrance on specific days. For example:
  • Paris: Free only on the first Sunday of each month: The Louvre, Musée Rodin, Musée Picasso, Musée d'Orsay and others. Always free: National museums (such as the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay, etc.) are free for all persons under 26 from the European Union: proof of identity is required (passport or EU identity card).
  • Brussels: The first Wednesday or Wednesday afternoon of the month. Visit for more information.
  • London:  most of its museums that you can visit are FREE!

3. Use your ISIC card

The international student identity card can provide you with proof and many other benefits such as discounts on museum tickets, transport tickets, food and beverages and many more! Find out how to get one and explore the instant discounts here !

4. Find cheap accommodation

Choosing to stay in hostels is one way of getting good value for money! Airbnb is also a great choice for budget travellers as you can take advantage of the price range feature and choose whether to rent a couch, a room or a flat. What’s more, you get a discount if you are a first time user or anytime you invite a friend to join the Airbnb community! You can also try Couch-surfing, where your stay with the host is free!

5. Find out the cheapest way of transport

You can save even more money by choosing the cheapest way of transport. Of course, walking is the best one as it cost nothing, and you can properly experience the local atmosphere. However, when this is not an appropriate option, the best way is to look at the discounted bus and train tickets offered. For example, you can get a daily or weekly ticket, which will turn out cheaper than buying single tickets. Another option, that you should look at is whether there are discounts for travelling during non-peak hours, which is the case in many big cities. Have a look whether there are bikes or electric bikes available for rent, which are also a quick and easy way to get around. Taking action in advance will save you not only money but time as well. 

6. Choose cheap destinations

Choose to visit cheap destinations such as the countries in Eastern Europe or Portugal! They offer a great mix of culture, history and landscape, and you can have a great experience without spending a fortune!

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