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How can I save on activities and sightseeing?

Activities such as visiting museums, cultural centres, going on city tours, etc. can result quite expensive when travelling to several destinations.

Here are some tips for you to be able to do as much as you want while discovering EU!

Get a European Youth Card

The European Youth Card is packed with 70,000 discounts on travel, culture, accommodation, education, services and products in 36 countries across Europe.

You can get discounts almost everywhere in the EU, from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Disneyland in Paris or Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, to the sunny coasts of Cyprus, Malta or Greece. Check out all the discounts here.

Everyone under the age of 30 (or 26, depending on the country or region) can become a cardholder – you don’t have to be a student or a resident of a European country. You can find a quick overview of countries and their age limits here.

The card costs between 5€ and 19€, depending on where you purchase it, but you will always be able to use it in all the countries in the European Youth Card Association. The card is usually issued for one year.

Check out the site to find out more about how the European Youth Card can help you discover the EU.

Do a free walking tour

In many European cities, it is possible to do a free guided tour through the centre. This is a nice and cheap way to learn about the history of the city; and the guide usually also gives you some useful “insider” information.

Afterwards, you’re expected to give a tip, but you can decide how much money you want to give. Normally the tour guides put the effort to make the tour as fun and interesting as possible, because the money they earn (the tips!) depend on their performance.

Share your point of view

Try to find a point where you have a great view over the city/countryside. Gather with your (new) friends, get something to drink and eat, and share your (point of) view. This should be a cheap way of spending a nice evening!

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