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How can I safely share images of my travel on social media?

Never share pictures of your boarding tickets on social media. It can be dangerous to post this on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and other online platforms. 

By posting pictures of boarding passes online, criminals who are either interested in stealing your identity, using your name to fly somewhere, or taking over your account can cause a lot of damage with a photo of your boarding pass.

A flight boarding pass for example can provide a window into not just your current travel and frequent flyer account number, but future travel plans and personally identifiable information (PII) – phone number, address, passport number and more – as well.

If you want to post tickets online you need to blur out the barcode entirely together with figures below. Though ticket inspectors use scanners to read barcodes only, criminals can recover the code from the figures given below.

Interested in learning what's in your boarding pass barcode? Take a picture of the barcode with your phone and upload it to this site

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