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How do I keep my travel documents safe?

Backup before you leave

  • Scan (via mobile or home scanner) and store in a secure location, a copy of your passport or national ID card. You should be able to access this as long as you have an internet connection. This can be helpful in case you lose your travel document, or it gets stolen.
  • Leave a scanned version of your passport with someone you trust, and who you can count on to respond and act quickly to your call for help (f.e. parents).

On the road

  • Keep your travel document in a place that is zipped up, out of sight and hard to get to.
  • Make a laminated, wallet-sized copy of the main page of your travel document. While it’s necessary to hand over your actual passport to a border guard, countless other situations (e.g. hotel desks) may require nothing more than something with your name and travel document number on it. By using a copy of your travel document, you will be less likely to leave it behind.

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