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What is the FIX travel, also mentioned as point-to-point tickets?

If you decide to visit one country, which is a country neighbouring your own, the fixed travel option is a good solution.

With fixed travel tickets, you have to select fixed travel dates which cannot be modified once your booking form has been submitted. Fix travel tickets will be booked in economy class. The number of destinations you can visit with this option is limited to 2. There are no reservation costs related to fixed travel tickets, but there is a budget limit (EUR 260).

Depending on your chosen destination(s), the fixed travel option will allow you to visit only nearby EU countries. Therefore, this option might be unsuitable if you want to visit several countries. If you decide to visit only one destination, which is a destination neighbouring your own country, the fixed travel option is a good solution.

How will the travel team handle my request?

Once you have applied for the 'fix' travel option, the contractor designated by the European Commission to arrange the travel bookings will contact you within 5 working days with a status update. 

  • In case the 'fix' travel option proves unsuitable to accommodate your travel plans, the travel team will recommend opting for the flexible option, or suggest some other travel routes.
  • In case you are travelling in more than three months, the travel team will contact you to confirm a date on which they will follow up with you regarding your travel booking. This due to most trains being not bookable 3 months before your departure date. 

The complexity of point-to-point travel tickets

The fixed travel option comes with some complexity. Read more about why the travel team might not be able to book your travel ticket at the time of your booking request.

How do I plan a feasible itinerary? 

To have a clearer idea of the feasibility of your travel plans, we recommend that you look into the website Rome2Rio, which can give you a good idea on whether your itinerary is feasible by rail, how many stops and trains you would need to take, how much time you can expect to travel via trains and a rough estimate of prices.

Furthermore, we have put together some Country Guides. You can consult these guides in order to find inspiration on feasible travel itineraries from/to the different Member States.

What are the rules to keep in mind?

  • The budget for your tickets is 260 EUR.
  • The number of destinations is limited to two, and a one-way trip should be less than 18 hours long.
  • Your trips need to be outside of your own country.

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