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What does the rule "participants will, as a basic rule, travel by rail" mean?

This rule means that the travel tickets that are bought by the DiscoverEU travel team are, as a rule, train tickets. There are exceptions, ferries and buses can also be booked in certain cases. 

If you decide to book a flight from Madrid to Amsterdam by yourself, to then proceed to travel with an Interrail Pass from Amsterdam, that's fine. 

Ferries & busses

  • A ferry to cross the water.
  • A bus in case the fixed travel tickets are not in budget via rail,  but an existing bus service can get you to your destination. 


There are also a few exceptions, in which ferries or flights can be booked:  
  • When you are living in an outermost region or your country is an island. 
  • When you wish to visit Malta, Cyprus or Ireland, don't hesitate to reach out to us at to have more information.

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