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What if I want to cancel or modify an issued travel ticket?

If you have chosen the FLEX ticket, the dates on which you travel remain flexible. However, do note that you will need to activate your mPass before the expiration period. From this start date on, your Travel Pass will be valid for one month. You can activate the Pass and select your first travel day, but if you change your mind, you can cancel the travel day and the activation as long as it is before the date of the selected first travel day. Once you have used the first travel day, you cannot de-activate the Pass any more. 

If you have chosen the FIX ticket, and you received your train tickets, it will not be possible to change your itinerary. If the tickets have not been issued yet, you can contact the Travel Team to modify your itinerary.

In case of cancellation, you need to inform the Travel Team. We will then undertake the steps to cancel your trip, in order to give it to someone else from the reserve list in descending order of the selection.

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