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How to make seat reservations on the Interrail website?

In order to make seat reservations on the Interrail Website, you need to: 

STEP 1: Create an account 

  • For the question "Do you have an Interrail Pass?", select Yes 
  • For the following question "Do you have an account?", select Yes, I have an account.

Then, the system will ask you to fill in your account details:

  • Insert the email address you used while registering for DiscoverEU – that’s also the email address we used to create a ‘ghost account’ for you. 
  • Then, click on the link "Forgotten password", this way you can set a password and activate your account.

STEP 2: Add new trips 

Once you have logged in: 

  • Click on "My itinerary", where you can create an overview of all the trains you wish to take. You can search for trains by clicking on "New trip".

If you want to add travellers to the trip, to make reservations together, you can do so by clicking "Add a traveller". Here, you will need to select "add a traveller with a mobile Pass" and fill in their last name a and mobile Pass number (which can be found in the Pass order confirmation email and on the mobile Pass itself).

Once you have created the overview with all the trains you are planning to take, you need to:


  • Click on "Add to cart" and fill in the travellers and seating options for each train you wish to make a reservation for.
  • Click on "Submit Reservations" on the bottom of the page or above your itinerary. That will send the request to us. Please allow us some time to process your order; you will receive an update email once the trains are reserved.

Please note that not all European trains can be booked via the Interrail website or the Rail Planner App. You can find more information on how to book trains in each participating countries here and in the Rail Planner App in the section ‘More’, ‘Seat Reservations’. 

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