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How to use the Interrail mobile Pass?

Once you will have completed your booking or exchange form, you will receive an e-mail from Interrail with your pass number to add in the Rail Planner App.



Simply follow the link in the confirmation email you received from Interrail or follow these steps: 

  • Open the Rail Planner app and go to My Pass. Tap 'Add your Pass' to get started.
  • Enter your surname and Pass number. You'll find your Pass number in your confirmation email.

Once your Pass is on your device, you can find it any time in My Pass.


Travelling as a group?

You can add as many Passes to your device as you like. Just remember that you can't move your Pass onto another device once it's activated for travel. If you're travelling as a group with multiple Passes on one device, you'll all need to travel together on all journeys. 


Next, connect a trip to your Pass. This is how you'll keep track of the journeys you take.

  • Create a new trip and give it a name.
  • Or choose a trip that you've already created. You'll see a list of your existing trips that you can choose from.


More than one Pass on your device?

Each Pass needs its own trip, so if you've got a few Passes on your device, you’ll need a separate trip for each Pass.  If you've already created a trip, you can duplicate an existing trip to connect a copy of that trip to another Pass. It's easy to add journeys from the planner to multiple trips at once, and you can name each trip something different to keep track of all your journeys.



Before you start your trip, you need to activate your Pass, so it's ready for travel. You'll need your passport or ID that you're travelling with, and you'll need to know which date you're taking your first train. 

  • Enter your passport or ID number. This should match the document that you're travelling with as you may have to show it to ticket inspectors.
  • Choose your first travel day. This is the first day you'll be using your Pass to travel. Your Pass will be valid from this day until it expires.


Not sure when you're starting your trip?

Don't worry, you can come back to this step later. You can activate your Pass up until the day you start travelling.
Remember that you can't board your first train unless your Pass has been activated, and you need to be online to activate your Pass.



You have a certain number of days where you can use your Pass to travel, namely 7 days in a period of 1 month. You can use them whenever you like within the overall 1-month validity of your Pass. You can see how many travel days you have left in My Trip and in My Pass, along with an overview of all your travel days. 


How do I know when I'm using a travel day?

Any day where you have a journey added to your Pass counts as a travel day. We'll ask you if you want to use one of your travel days when you add a journey to your Pass. If you're not sure which days are travel days, just check My Pass.


Can I cancel a travel day?

Changed your plans? No problem – you can cancel a travel day up until midnight the day before. If you remove all your journeys from a travel day, we'll even remind you to cancel the travel day too, so none of your travel days are wasted.


Do night trains use more travel days?

You only need to use one travel day for night trains. If you're travelling on a night train that arrives after midnight, only your day of departure needs to be a travel day.


You will need to use another travel day if you change onto another train and keep travelling after your night train arrives. But we'll ask you to use another travel day when you add this journey to your Pass, so you'll know that you're covered.



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