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What are the internet requirements to use the mobile Pass?

The Interrail's system will need to verify your mobile Pass at least once every 3 days, to ensure its validity and prevent fraud. Therefore, you'll need to open your App (it does not update itself in the background) when you're connected to the internet at least once every 3 days. 24 hours before your 3 days without internet, Interrail will send you a reminder.

In case you will not open your App with an internet connection for more than 3 days, your mPass will be considered inactive, and you'll be able to use your pass only when you'll be connected to the internet with the open App.

Some trains in Europe (especially high-speed trains) offer a Wi-Fi internet connection to the passengers, it may be useful to check if this option is available while travelling. 

Don't forget to keep the notifications activated in the Rail Planner App to be reminded when you need to connect to the App (one internet connection each 72 hours).

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