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What is Interrail?

Interrail is a unique and exciting way to get to most places in the European Union. One train pass helps you open doors to new destinations, cultures and friendships in over 40,000 destinations in 30 countries, designing a European adventure that’s personal to you. Each traveller is invited to create their own story.

You decide which track to take

Why travel with Interrail?

Interrail gives you the travel tools that put you in charge. You can use the Interrail Pass to hop aboard trains, check train times using the Interrail timetable and app and even book seats in advance using the Interrail Reservation Service.

Who is the Interrail pass for?

Interrail isn't a tour operator. With an Interrail pass, you are not told where to go or how to get there. The Interrail pass will just make sure you can get to wherever you want to be.

Whether you're a solo traveller or a member of a group, if you prefer comfortable or spontaneous journeys and whatever your age, there's an Interrail Pass for your trip.

Which countries can I get to with an Interrail pass? 

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