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I have diabetes. Do you have any travel tips?

Travel tips: 
  • Visit your doctor for a check-up to ensure you’re fit for the trip. Make sure to ask your doctor:
    • How your planned activities could affect your diabetes and what to do about it.
    • To provide prescriptions for your medicines in case you lose them or run out.
    • If you’ll need any vaccines.
    • To write a letter stating that you have diabetes and why you need your medical supplies.
  • Just in case, locate pharmacies and clinics close to where you’re staying.
  • Get a medical ID bracelet that states you have diabetes and any other health conditions.
  • Get travel insurance in case you miss your flight or need medical care.


  • Pack twice as much medicine as you think you’ll need. 
  • Carry medicines in the pharmacy bottles they came in or ask your pharmacist to print out extra labels you can attach to plastic bags.
  • Be sure to pack healthy snacks, like fruit, raw veggies, and nuts.

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