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What trains can be booked through the Rail Planner App?

You can book the following trains on the Rail Planner App:

  • Italy high-speed trains (by ItaliaRail)
  • France TGV (by SNCB)
  • Eurostar (by SNCB)
  • Thalys (by SNCB)
  • Denmark (by DSB/SNCB)
  • Slovakia (by Slovakrail)
  • German domestic trains (by DB
  • Swedish trains (by SJ)
  • The Glacier Express (by Glacier Express AG)

From the app you can also access Interrail's Reservations Self-Service, available also on their website

In the Reservations Self-Service you can make reservations for almost all trains that require one. Most reservations tickets are e-tickets but in some cases you may also require a paper ticket, which can be ordered via the self-service as well.

These are the trains that can be booked via the self-service tool:


•    All domestic Italian day and night trains

•    EuroCity Italy - Switzerland trains 

•    All domestic and international TGV's (France, France-Germany, France-Switzerland, France - Italy) 

•    InterCity France 

•    ECB (Germany - Austria - Italy)

•    Thalys  

•    Eurostar  

•    Railjet trains that are run by ÖBB  (only in and between: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy.)

•    Nightjet trains that are run by ÖBB (only in and between: Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Italy.) 

•    InterCityEurope/InterCity/EuroCity within and between Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, France 

•    Thello day and night (currently blocked until the price can be updated) 

•    SJ trains in Sweden

•    Domestic trains in Denmark trains

•    Domestic Hungary trains 

•    Domestic Trains in Switzerland

•    Domestic and international trains in Slovakia

•    Domestic and International trains in the Czech Republic 

Paper tickets:

•    International trains in Hungary 

•    Domestic Norwegian trains

•    Domestic trains in Finland trains 

•    International Scandinavian trains 

•    International France-Spain Elipsos trains 

•    HOT night trains France/Spain - Portugal 

•    Certain trains run by OBB  

(There are night trains from/to Switzerland to the following countries available as paper tickets: Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia. Please keep in mind they are bookable in Self-service only if departure or arrival country is Switzerland. It is NOT bookable from Austria or between Eastern European countries.)

•    Domestic and international trains in Slovenia 

•    Domestic and international trains in Croatia 

•    Domestic and International trains in Poland  

•    Domestic and international trains in Romania 

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