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From Slovakia to international destinations

Bratislava - Prague 

You can take a direct train from Bratislava hl. st. to Prague hl. n., the travel will last 3h55. 

Bratislava - Cracow

Three changes are required to travel from Bratislava to Cracow. 

  1. Bratislava hl. st. - Breclav (51min) Regio Jet
  2. Breclav - Bohumin (1h57) IC train
  3. Bohumin - Krakow Glowny (2h41) EC train

Bratislava - Vienna

In order to travel to Vienna, you can take a direct train from Bratislava hl. st. to Wien Hbf, the travel will last 1h06.

Kosice - Cluj-Napoca

You'll need to take three trains to travel to Cluj-Napoca.

  1. Kosice - Miskolc-Tiszai (1h24) IC train
  2. Miskolc-Tiszai - Püspökladany (2h11) IC train
  3. Püspökladany - Cluj-Napoca (5h08) IC train

Kosice - Prague 

One direct train travel from Kosice to Prague. 

  • Kosice - Praha hl. n. Regio Jet (8h28 trip)

Traveling to Slovakia

The national railway company is Železničná spoločnosť Slovensko (ZSSK). Seat reservations are required for Eurocity (EC), InterCity (IC), RegioJet and night trains.

In most of the trains, you will be able to travel with your bike however, you'll need to buy a bike ticket for it.

Some cities suggestions : 

  • Košice: 6 hours from Bratislava by train
  • Levoča: 6 hours from Bratislava by train, 1h30 from Kosice by train
  • Štrbské Pleso: 5 hours from Bratislava by train, 2h30 from Kosice by train
  • High Tatras Mountains: 6 hours from Bratislava by train, 2h30 from Kosice by train

With an Interrail Pass

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